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Emerson International continuously seeks real estate investment opportunities in commercial and residential projects. If you’re interested in partnering with an independently owned, experienced international development company, we want to talk to you about your project.

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As a major property developer and management company across Europe and the U.S., Emerson International has the financial strength to invest in even the most ambitious Central Florida development projects. Our impressive commercial real estate portfolio includes more than 1 million square feet of business-related office space. Since our formation in 1982, Emerson International has also developed thousands of single and multifamily residences in Orlando, a highly acclaimed mid-rise beachfront resort in Marco Island and a 650-unit timeshare on International Drive in Orlando.

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Decades of Development Experience

During our more than 30 years of development success in Central Florida, we’ve won many awards and accolades. This includes recognition by the Orlando Business Journal as one of Central Florida's Top 100 Privately Owned Companies. As a division of The Emerson Group, a respected international developer with a wide array of real estate holdings, we have duplicated our parent company’s European success in the U.S. market.

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As a lucrative, financially stable real estate development company, Emerson is always available to talk about a new investment opportunity. Have an interesting new venture in the Central Florida market? Reach out to one of our specialists to discuss your project.